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Our Custom Pool Process

We understand that it is important for a home under to be able to fully comprehend our step by step process so that they have peace-of-mind from beginning to end. Our custom swimming pool design and construction service process is outlined below.

Pool layout and forming of the swimming pool

This sometimes involves grading and leveling a sloped site to create a flat area to work from pryer to beginning the pool process. We paint our the shape and size for approval by our clients and our designer. Following this we frame the pool out to its exact height and shape using wooden forms.



The pool is dug to the proper depth including all sun-shelfs, spas, benches, waterfalls or other features. Any additional soil is removed from the site. A temporary safety fence is installed around the newly dug swimming pool for your families safety.

Steel reinforcement

Following the excavation the entire in ground pool is formed with 1/2″ steel rebar as designed by our engineer. Thomas Flint custom bends steel in the steps, benches and swim outs of our pools, many contractors cut corners here.

Electrical bonding and plumbing

Our electrician bonds the swimming pool for safety and all of the rough plumbing for the pool returns, skimmers, suction lines, pool or floor cleaners and water features are installed. Following this there are a series of inspections required by your town to ensure the safety of the pool.

Gunite installation

The gunite is the next major step in the process. Gunite trucks come to the job site and shoot the entire pool. The gunite arrives dry in the truck and is mixed with water at the nozzle through which it is pneumatically applied and finished. This is where steps, swim-outs, sun-shelfs, spa seats, and benches can be customized to create an exact fit for our clients.

Pool sealer

Following the gunute our pool shells are treated with a concrete pool shell protector that penetrates the gunite and hardens the shell. The sealer also waterproofs the shell of the pool, gunite on its own is not waterproof. Most pool builders rely on the plaster to hold the water in the swimming pool, and most of these pools begin to leak overtime. Our sealed shell will hold water so the pool plaster is not the only defense against water leaking in our pools. The sealer also prevents efflorescence, the ugly white haze often seen when water moves over a masonry object.

Tile & coping

The tile and coping are selected with the assistance of our design team to fit the style of our clients. These materials range from iridescent glass to marble and everything in-between.

Patios and landscape

The pool is now finished with a patio, outdoor kitchen, fireplace or water features followed by the plantings to soften the area, provide privacy and create that resort feel our clients are looking for.


The final step in the pool construction process is the pool plaster. There are many styles and colors to choose from. The plaster is the finish on the inside of the pool and it can be a smooth polished Hydrazzo to a course Pebble Tec finish or an exposed Diamond Brite finish ranging in all different colors to fit our clients design and style.


Once the plaster is complete and the pool is full of water your family can begin enjoying their new in-ground-pool. We will offer you a tutorial where you will be introduced to your pool and its features, we will set maintenance programs and link your wireless devices to the pool computer for ease of operation. We will continue to work with you to keep your pool clean and safe whether you require weekly service or just winterization and openings we are here to serve you.

Water stop fittings

Applied on all pipe penetrations to preserve the integrity of the pool. The most common place for a pool to leak is along the pipe penetrations, all of our penetrations are protected with water-stop pipe sleeves glued to the pipe creating a water barrier that virtually eliminates water leaks and costly repairs.

Concrete pool shell sealer & protector

  • penetrates the surface and hardens the gunite shell
  • adds density and bonding strength to the gunite
  • water proofs the shell of the pool (gunite on its own is not waterproof, the plaster is what holds the water in the pool)
    preserves the imbedded steel structure
  • eliminates efflorescence (the white haze often found on spa spillways and water features)

Custom contoured pool and spa benches, seats and coves

Our gunite benches, sun decks and spa seats are customized for our clients. The depth of the bench, height of the arm rests and location of the jets are all set to fit the client. A soft curved seat with a reclined back rest is much more comfortable that a typical straight spa bench.

From Our Clients

With hundreds of projects completed, Thomas Flint has some great imagery, but here is what our clients are saying about our work.

Just writing to express my thanks for a fantastic job well done by the team at Thomas Flint. It was definitely a pleasure working with Tom and the team there. From the initial start of the requested project through the end everything went as planned and we could not be more pleased with the outcome. Not only was everything completed much quicker than I had expected, it was done thoroughly. I look forward to working with Tom and everyone again in the near future!


Ramsey, NJ

Thanks so much for all your hard work in transforming our backyard. We were able to have a wonderful Mother’s Day barbecue on the patio, and the new plantings and grass looked great. Thanks again. Keep up the good work around town. I’ll be sure to refer you to all who ask for a top-flight landscape design team!

Tom and Lynda

Mahwah, NJ

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