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A well-planned garden will have the same effect on your life as a well planned house or a beautifully cut piece of clothing: it will be a pleasure to use.  A well-designed garden fulfills may important roles.  As a link with the natural world, it invites you to experience the pleasure of being outdoors, with its rich spectrum of sensory delights, and to enjoy the fluctuations of the seasons.

The best gardens work as an extension of your home, to: in these days of restricted room and limited free time they have become a highly valued living space.

As with anything that works well, the key to success is good design- the marriage of practicality and the aesthetics.  A garden cannot function on only one of these levels: its diverse elements need to be carefully balanced so that its appearance is complemented by how well it works as an outdoor space.  Gardens must also have the potential to change over time- no garden is ever the same from one year to the next.

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