Custom Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Designers NJ

We are on the cutting edge of pool construction, we offer our customers the latest in technology and design to offer a breathtaking backyard oasis that is low maintenance and sustainable.

Our Custom Pool Design Services

At TFLD&D we offer our customers a one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor living needs. We firmly believe that all components of your outdoor living space should be designed and built by one company. Swimming pools and other items not typically thought of as “landscape related” are increasingly becoming a big part of today’s outdoor living area. When having one company design, manage and construct your entire outdoor living area the end result is a cohesive and functional outdoor space. Our designs bring individuality, warmth and charm to any location- whether it is a simple front entry garden, swimming pool or an entire property. Each innovative design is carefully and professionally managed from concept to completion. Our completed projects represent the essence of our clients characters, style and passions synthesized into a final creation that embodies timeless comfort and style. We see our work as a quality of improvement for our clients. TFLD&D is an all-inclusive design and build firm. Swimming pools, patios, plantings are but one of many components that make up the overall landscape or outdoor room. We are focused on the big picture and how every element and detail fits, flows and works together.

Our Custom Pool Features

Pool and spa automation with smart pool features

Operate your entire pool remotely from your iPad, smart phone or computer.

Custom designed hydraulic systems

Designed to move more water efficiently through larger piping to more effectively filter your swimming pool.

High-end variable speed pumps by Pentair

Conserve energy and provide ample power when needed.

Energy star certified

Energy savings up to 90% compared to traditional pumps and reduced noise and vibration, making it four times quieter than traditional pumps.

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