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Pool Landscaping in the NJ Tri-State Area
A pool is a great addition to any home in the New Jersey tri-state area, and adding landscaping around a pool adds even more curb appeal and worth to a home. There are multiple benefits to landscaping a pool area. Firstly, landscaping helps a pool to seem like part of the house and surrounding grounds. […] Read more
Landscaping Trends For New Jersey Tri-State Homeowners In 2013
New Jersey couldn’t rightfully claim the title of “Garden State” without being a leader in new trends, and the 2013 garden season is no different. This year the trends are the three S’s, Sensory, Self-Sufficiency and Sustainability. NJ landscaping professionals are noticing distinctive trends away from planting purely for aesthetics and toward planting for purpose. […] Read more
The Best Plants for Landscaping in the NJ Tri-State Area
The Best Plants for Landscaping in the NJ Tri-State Area You can walk into any home and garden shop and be overwhelmed by the choices available to you. While most everything you see is a beautiful option, not everything may be ideal for your yard, soil type, and exposure. That’s why it’s helpful to trust […] Read more